Winner of Best Young Filmmaker Award Shares His MU Experience

At MU, we love hearing the stories of our students success. First, we wanted to let you know that registration for the Fall MU Course opens on MONDAY!

Recently, Micah (Alumni, 2017) won “Best Young Filmmaker” at the Christian Worldview Film Festival.  This is his filmmaking journey in his own words:

“Back in 2012 my brothers and I decided to go into our bush and film something. Needless to say, that “something” never got finished, but a start is a start. Youtube was next, and I made numerous short films together with family/friends, but the quality sometimes lacked. I heard about MU, and since it was an online course from a Christian perspective and looked professional, I decided to go for it.

“Because the course was about actually making a promotional, I thought that the best place to start would be with our family businesses, eventually combining into a promo for Derksen Family Farm. I also wanted to record the soundtrack, as our family does music. So after 8 weeks of planning, interviewing, shooting b-roll, audio problems, and a soundtrack, the finished product rolled out.

“I had heard other filmmakers talk about things like the rule of thirds and the 180° rule, but I was kind of clued out, so the in-depth technical information given in the course videos really helped me. The ability to get direct feedback throughout production was a super nice way to stay on track. Basically the course prepared me with a structured plan for future projects.

“Since much of the information presented in MU was geared for use in any film type, it also helped me improve the short film I was working on at the time. After MU, I finished that short film, made a music video, and have had other filming opportunities. I was also blessed to win the Young Filmmakers Award at the Christian Worldview Film Festival with my MU project this spring.

“Motion University really sets out a good plan that every filmmaker should know. If you want to get out there and actually make something, you should try MU.”

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