PRE-ORDER: Motion University Promo Course

$750.00 $500.00

***This course runs April 5-May 29, 2021! Five spots available at the Pre-Order price!***

Making a promotional film can be an incredibly fulfilling (and profitable!) endeavor! But it can also be daunting to know which aspects of the process to tackle first, and how to keep your client excited along the way, and have the confidence that you can deliver a film that meets their needs.

In this course, we demystify the filmmaking process. We will take you through our creative process, from start to finish, from learning about your client, to scheduling and planning the creative aspects of your shoot, to actually setting up lighting and conducting an interview, all the way through editing, color, and delivery to the client.

At the end, you will have completed a promotional film, and be confident to use the process again and again for other clients.