Coached Business Course

$1,000.00 $750.00

Running a successful business that makes money can seem daunting. Budgeting, building relationships, keeping your skills sharp, and making clients happy and satisfied are all pieces in this vast puzzle.

In this course, John-Clay Burnett and Andrew Bartlett, bring their combined video business experience of over 20 years, to share transparently and openly about what makes the business work and brings satisfied customers back time and time again.

Includes 8 modules, including:
Module 1: Foundations for Success
Module 2: Setting Up a Video Business
Module 3: Marketing Yourself and Getting Clients
Module 4: What and How to Charge for Your Work
Module 5: Working With Clients
Module 6: Contracts, Releases, Insurance, and Legal
Module 7: Business Finances
Module 8: Sustainability & Business Growth Strategy