What Our Students Say

"I liked the interaction with the teachers, the fun training sessions, the easy to use website, and the assignments! It's not always easy but it's worth it in the end!"
"You can't find another course that teaches this stuff in such a clear and wholesome way. All your videography questions will be answered."
"The best online course anyone could ever take in the area of filmmaking, especially you are serious about it for business."
"The weekly Q&A makes MU a very strong course because you're hearing answers to your questions and learning from your fellow classmates' questions. It makes it personal."
"I didn't know much about lighting. After watching the lecture, and then actually doing a light setup and sending that in and getting feedback, it was extremely helpful."
"I would not have gotten very far with a "library of lectures." The scheduled lessons helped me know what to do next."
“I think my favorite thing about MU was how open the teachers were to questions. They were very understanding and helpful."
"Motion University combines classroom learning with real life experience in a way that you not only learn about filmmaking but you are able to retain what you learned once the course is done."
"Going into MU I expected to get better at making films, but I didn't think I would actually get to the point where someone would pay me to do this."