We are filmmakers. Creatives. Inventors, in a sense. We take pictures, sound, and music, and combine them to create story and emotion. In general, we are notoriously curious. When getting started in filmmaking, the questions can seem endless. Lights, cameras, editing, storytelling, music, and the list goes on.

Being a filmmaker myself, I too have lots of questions and I made a daring decision. I cracked into the archives of Motion University. After some sleuthing around, I found the “question and answer sessions” with the instructors. This was a gold mine! Buried deep in the archives were mounds of information. The questions were asked by MU students – filmmakers just like you and me, as they each worked to create a promotional video.

The answers are from the amazing MU instructors, John-Clay Burnett and Andrew Bartlett. John-Clay has worked on feature films, documentaries, and is a multi award winning promotional filmmaker. Andrew has also won awards for his promos and has a web and film business.

As someone who has asked a lot of these same questions, of course I was intrigued. While checking over my shoulder, I listened through the sessions, and thought, “this needs to be shared with other filmmakers!” With great trepidation, I then hacked into the MU website to create this blog…(actually that part isn’t true, I asked the MU staff for access). Anyway, the point is… I’m bringing these answers to you!

I’ve pulled out the reels, brushed off the dust, and found the best of the best in filmmaking questions….answered! So, without further ado…

I introduce to you, the Motion Blog! Once a week, I will share a question, and more importantly, the answer, right here.

In the archives there are answers to your questions… The big questions – like where to place the hero’s journey in a promo. And the technical questions – like what equipment to rent and what to buy. These are just a few that I have managed to unearth so far.

Along the way, I hope that your journey towards professional filmmaking will have fewer bumps and bruises. And hopefully it inspires you to work harder towards the goal of making filmmaking “a career, not just a hobby.”

I invite you to join me on my hunt to find answers to the looming questions we encounter on our daily journey of filmmaking.

~ Sarah Burnett
Filmmaker and Blog Curator