There are lots of films and projects that would be fun to be part of the crew for. But how do you find these projects, and more importantly, find the people who are putting together the crew for those projects? And what are the skills and proficiencies that they are looking for?

ANDREW: Finding projects is never going to be super easy. You have to get out there and start pounding the pavement. Offer to work for free, when you are first starting out, to build that portfolio and once you have that portfolio, you will be able to leverage and show your work to other people. It’s great to have some mutual connection – like maybe church is a first step, because they know you. Or maybe for a family business, start with something you have a connection to and that will help you build more connections and then grow from there.

JOHN-CLAY: You need to be networking and it may just be people at church you can offer video services. It’s meeting people, going to film festivals, meeting people who are interested in films, working on other people’s projects. Define who you want to work with and who you want to work for and go to the places where those people gather. And just try to meet people.

I’ve gone to a lot of film festivals and met a lot a people and there isn’t always a lot of return on that. There has been some, God has to open doors and opportunities too. Keep in tune to films that you are aware of and find ways to contact them and offer to work for free to be a production assistant. That’s how I got on Pendragon – on their website there was a contact form called “Offer Services” so I said I could run camera. I was just a random guy – they didn’t know me from anybody. But they had a situation come up where that worked out and I got on the project.

Contact projects and offer to work for free and cheap and do the small stuff and then do it really well, with good character and that’s what will lead to more projects oftentimes.