How Andrew Got Started in Filmmaking

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Motion University

Have you ever looked back over your your work and thought – how is it that my work doesn’t look the way I want it to? Why is it so easy for others to do cool stuff? Sometimes, it can seem like others are so far ahead of us that weā€™ll never be as good as they are!

But everyone has to start somewhere.

For Andrew Bartlett (co-founder of Motion University), his first films were made in the backyard with his siblings, no different than many of you. He and his family enjoyed watching westerns and old black and white comedies, so they made their own slapstick comedy videos shot on a mini DV camera and edited on Windows Movie Maker (complete with the old film grain preset and sped up by 2x). Today he runs a creative agency full-time. But that didn’t happen overnight.

Do you want to see a couple of his first films?

2008 – A Laurel and Hardy style comedy, filmed on the family farm with brothers Peter and David (this is just part one of four…). šŸ˜‰

2011 – The very first 30-second promo made by Andrew right after first learning the Adobe Suite – produced for his family at Bartlett Farms, a few years before Motion University began!

2018 – A recent recruiting promo directed by Andrew for the Fargo police department.

Bill Gates once said, ā€œMost people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.ā€

Ten years of constant learning and growth can make a big difference! Andrew says,

ā€œOne of the reasons I started Motion University is because I wanted to team up with people I could learn from. Iā€™ve grown so much in the past several years because of them! I didnā€™t have to go to film school to be able to do what I love, and Iā€™m passionate about helping others do the same. I honestly wish I would have been able to take this course when I was starting to learn and grow my business.ā€

Want to learn more about what we offer at Motion University? Our 8-week online spring course is April 1st – May 25th. You can find out more details and register here.Ā 

Happy filmmaking!



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