About Us

Why Motion University?

To put it quite simply, Motion University is what we wish we would have had when we were first starting out in filmmaking. Even though there’s a lot of free resources on the internet, finding something that is clean (and not full of zombies and cuss words) is next to impossible. That’s why we’re passionate about what we’re doing. Our mission is to provide the resources to help train you not to just be a hobbyist, but a serious filmmaker who intends to make high-quality work for the glory of God.

Our Team

We are a small team of filmmakers/business people wanting to make a difference for others like us. We’re excited to help connect you with professionals who are passionate about training the next generation of filmmakers to tell great stories heartily, as unto the Lord.

Andrew Bartlett

Course Facilitator

Andrew Bartlett is a cofounder of Bartlett Idea Co., an independent creative agency. Displaying a passion for serving Christ through the visual arts, Andrew works on films and produces marketing materials for businesses and organizations across the nation. He love storytelling with excellence and has garnered multiple awards including the “$10,000 Grand Prize” for the “AT&T Real Stories” competition. Andrew has produced behind-the-scenes content for several Owl City music videos and his video for the Fargo Police Department has been well received with over 300,000 views! Currently the Director of the Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy, Andrew loves coaching aspiring filmmakers on how to hone their craft in a hands-on way.

John-Clay Burnett

Course Instructor

A veteran of video production for over a decade, John-Clay Burnett is the founder of ReelCast Productions, an award-winning media company committed to sharing stories that inspire and engage audiences! From the beginning he has been focused on creating quality promo films and has produced or participated in projects winning “Best Promo” for 5 years in a row. He has conducted hundreds of interviews and clients include The Kendrick Brothers, Arkansas Baptist State Convention, ALERT Academy, WIT Ministries, and Lamplighter Guild. Over the years he has also worked on 7 feature films and 4 documentaries, including I Can Only Imagine, Beyond the Mask, Polycarp, Wait Till It’s Free, and Captivated. A key teacher at Christian film workshops across the nation, John-Clay is passionate about partnering with people to pursue greater excellence in their communication. Past teaching opportunities have included lecturing at the Lamplighter Guild and the Christian Worldview Film Festival.

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