2019 and Beyond

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Hannah Bartlett

CXO / Motion University

In 2014, an idea that had been on the back burner in several people’s minds, finally started to come to life, and the Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy was born! That first year was a lot of trial and error, and we were grateful for the teachers who were patient and willing to share their knowledge.

By 2016, we were prepping for our 3rd Academy and also excited to be starting a new venture with John-Clay and Sarah Burnett. Using curriculum that JC had developed from his years of experience, an 8-week online course called Motion University was created, for students to learn how to create their own promo film from start to finish.

5 Academies, 4 courses, and 75+ students later, we’re excited to be making some new changes that will allow us to unify our goals and reach even more people. Seeing how much these two brands share a common mission, our team has decided to merge both our on-set experience (MWCFA) and our online course (MU) under one brand: the NEW Motion University!

So what does the future hold? The on-set experience and 8-week online course will still be happening, with the same team and curriculum. And now, the Motion University website will be the one place for you to go for our online, on-set, and ongoing coaching for filmmakers! Our vision is to ultimately create a complete film school alternative that helps build full-time careers.


We’ve been blessed to work with so many amazing teachers, clients, and students. It’s been fun to see your projects come to life, and we can’t wait to see what God has for the future!


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