2018 Academy Interns – Grant

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Motion University

Meet Grant! He attended the 2017 Academy, and then took the Fall 2017 MU course. As an intern this year for the 2018 Academy, Grant was our behind-the-scenes videographer, doing everything from running the camera to sorting mounds of footage and editing. Grant was one of the first ones up and last ones to bed! He worked very hard, never complained, and we appreciated his creativity, joy, and team spirit. 

Grant says, “Attending the MWCFA ’17 helped prepare me to be an intern, by helping to teach me the inner workings of a professionally run set. It pushed me to to be more perceptive to the needs of those around me, and this helped me notice and capture moments that I probably would have missed before.

“MU really helped me develop my craft as a filmmaker. It forced me to create content under the pressure of a looming deadline, and helped to take and apply feedback from others. As the BTS Videographer, each of these skills was absolutely necessary while interning at MWCFA.

“As an intern, I was able to have a more behind-the-scenes look at the filmmaking and organization side of the Academy. I feel like it has helped me understand better what it means to have effective teamwork. Having never shot BTS video before, it really strengthened my skills in the area of run and gun filmmaking, and also helped teach me to remain cool while working under the pressure of the clock. The team at MWCFA are fun and encouraging, and they help you to put 100% into your work.”

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