2018 Academy Interns – Grace

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Motion University

This year at the Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy, three alumni from both the Academy AND Motion University were able to intern on set! We’d love to introduce them to you. 😀

First up is Grace! She took the Fall 2016 MU course, and then attended the 2017 Academy. As an intern this year for the 2018 Academy, Grace worked in the AD department, helping Hannah with lots of pre-production, including calling interviewees and scheduling. Then on set she was invaluable – she assisted Hannah with all the details and also took over as AD when Hannah was acting. Everyone loved working with Grace and we were all encouraged by her dedication, attention to detail, infectious smile, and bubbly, friendly attitude!

Grace says, “I took the MU course in the fall of 2016. It taught me the step-by-step process of promo filmmaking while being coached and supervised in a safe environment. I was able to take each topic, learn about it, ask questions and then take all the information and put it into action. It was incredible!

“I then attended MWCFA in 2017 as a student. It was so neat to have walked through the entire process with JC and Andrew, but then at the Academy to watch them do it. I was able to follow and understand since I already had done it myself. I felt like after attending, I was more well rounded in the process since I had also been able to work alongside the teachers and see them make a beautiful project that I was blessed to be a part of.

“In March, I was asked to intern for the 2018 Academy! I was so stoked!

“I was so excited to come back this year as an intern! I was able to assist my boss Hannah Bartlett (the AD for the Academy) and the whole team since I knew the process because of doing MU and MWCFA. I was able understand the departments and what each one would need. Also it gave me a better understanding of how each department works together and how in the end if you do your job right, you come out with a amazing product. The staff at MWCFA is outstanding! To watch how they are humble, caring, encouraging, willing to answer any questions and always pointing you to Christ makes the whole experience unforgettable and you walk away truly blessed!

“I felt that the biggest lesson I learned as an intern is, 1. How to work with people. To understand them, work alongside them and treat them how you would like to be treated. 2. How to step out of your box, do hard things and always be willing to pick up the slack and assist in any way possible! 3. How to communicate with your team!!!! That’s huge if you want to succeed!

“Like any intern opportunity, it had some obstacles and major challenges to overcome! But in the end I came out a stronger individual. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but I would not trade it for anything!”

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