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    • 8 Week Course
    • In-Depth Training
    • Tests & Quizzes
    • Q&A with Teachers
    • Project Assignments
    • Certificate of Completion

    Student Requirements

    Student Age
    16+ (Recommended)

    Time Each Week
    6-7 hours each week (average)

    Prior Experience
    Most of our students have previously completed 4-5 projects, however, no prior experience is needed.
    If you are just getting started, see our recommended gear list below.

    Equipment Needed
    Camera (DSLR or better)
    Basic Lighting
    Computer capable of Adobe Premiere Pro
    Internet connection
    – course lectures
    – recommended for the weekly group calls

    REMEMBER – Beg, Borrow, Rent. Renting the gear needed for filming your project can be a good option.

    Click Here for a list of recommended gear.


    Motion University is an 8-week online training program where you will learn everything from pre-production and drawing storyboards, to cinematic camerawork and lighting, to sound, editing, and much more!

    Professional filmmaker and teacher John-Clay Burnett will take you through the process of creating a promotional film, and coach you through what it takes to make a film for a client. Even if you already know some of the basics, you’ll be sure to discover new things that help you hone your craft and take it to the next level.