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    Career-focused online film training | Relaunching Fall 2017

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What Is Motion University?


It’s Time For Something New

There are a lot of filmmaking resources out there on the internet. But here’s the problem: Even though they may cover many areas of filmmaking, there’s no structure. No way to know how all the pieces fit together. In the end, all you really get is a lot of unconnected head knowledge, and nothing really to show for it.

Motion University is different. At MU, we will actually help you create a promotional film from start to finish. Not only will you be able to learn the process and fundamentals of filmmaking, but you’ll also learn the business knowledge needed to launch your own career.

About Us

What You'll Get

In-Depth Training

From landing your first project all the way to the editing room, we will take you on the journey of creating a promotional film from start to finish.

Project Assignments

Not only do you learn from the online training, but you will be assigned projects to complete on your own, and be able to learn from actual experience.

Q&A With Professionals

Interact with the teachers throughout the course and help grow your knowledge by asking questions and getting personalized answers.

Tests & Quizzes

To help you remember what you’ve learned, we also give you interactive tests and quizzes to complete after each lesson.

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